Place of Psychological Safety:

Improving Organisational Resilience (Amy Edmundson)

  1. Psychological Safety
  2. Humility, Curiosity, Empathy

Key Elements:

  1. Psychological safety for detecting concerns and for ideas
  2. Joint problem solving orientation - focused on making progress together
  3. Capacity for frequent, rapid reflections

What Leaders Must Provide

Facts: Emphasise reality

Hope: Emphasise a future in which we will prevail…

Self-awareness with an orientation towards others:

Empathy: compassion with respect

Reinforcement of belief in colleagues/followers

Other relevant links from Professor Edmundson, Professor West and Patrick Lencioni may also be helpful in developing these concepts further

  1. Michael West's Work:

  1. Amy Edmundson's talk
  2. Patrick Lencioni's work - Five Dysfunction of a Team

Positive Thoughts for Team Members
  1. Poem (video) praising staff behind the desk: A positive feedback for reception staff who work hard and sometimes go unnoticed.