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Culture in Medicine and Healthcare


Place of Psychological Safety:

Improving Organisational Resilience (Amy Edmundson)

  • Psychological Safety
  • Humility, Curiosity, Empathy
  • Key Elements:
  • Psychological safety for detecting concerns and for ideas
  • Joint problem solving orientation - focused on making progress together
  • Capacity for frequent, rapid reflections

What Leaders Must Provide

Facts: Emphasise reality

Hope: Emphasise a future in which we will prevail…

Self-awareness with an orientation towards others:

Empathy: compassion with respect

Reinforcement of belief in colleagues/followers

Other relevant links from Professor Edmundson, Professor West and Patrick Lencioni may also be helpful in developing these concepts further

Positive Thoughts for Team Members

  1. Poem (video) praising staff behind the desk: A positive feedback for reception staff who work hard and sometimes go unnoticed. 

Primary Care Development - RCGP (PCD)


PCD provides onsite or remote, bespoke, solution focused support directly to practices or PCNs, to provide CQC preparation services, PCN development support, mediation, skills audit/capacity management, away day facilitation and coaching.

History and Further Information

PCD is delivered by a national team of 80 expert GPs, practice nurses, practice managers and pharmacist advisers and trainers, who are uniquely placed to deliver diagnostic services, hands on peer support and training.

During the last 12-18 months PCD has increasingly worked with ‘at scale’ providers to develop leadership and governance and support organisational change leading to successful outcome as follows

  • 100% of the inadequate rated practices PCD supported have excited special measures
  • 98% of all practices supported since 2019 have either maintained Good or Improved rating.

The RCGP has provided support to over 250 practices/providers to date and is in a strategic partnership with Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership delivering support and embedding quality improvement principles across their 460 practices.

PCD has produces podcasts around: MDTs, population health, personalised care, PCN CDs highs and lows all available on the PCD resource page.

Contact details:

Victoria Gaffney | Relationship Manager | [email protected]